ALDIM company is the exclusive importer of KP "BELOTSERKOVHLEBOPRODUKT", Ukraine, to the EU, Today KP "BELOTSERKOVHLEBOPRODUKT" - a modern powerful processing plant crops, the owner of the international prize "For quality", established by the International Trade Leaders Club. Products of the company is known for quality, not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

We offer you a wide selection of cereals TM "Belotserkovsky cereals". This - buckwheat, semolina, barley, wheat, corn and pearl barley, millet, oats, and this is not a complete list of our product range. Modern technologies allow processing of grain to preserve them as necessary for your health vitamins, fiber and minerals.

Cereal production enterprise "Belotserkovhleboprodukt" marked the first prize at the International Fair "Business Forum" held in 2003 in Paris, which is an undeniable proof of their high quality.

Cereals have long been considered throughout the world healthy food and are a unique and irreplaceable source of vegetable protein and carbohydrates.