Vodka "Kremlevka Elite"
Vodka "Kremlevka" is delivered to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Kremlin and the White House it is exported to 15 countries of the world, notably in the European Union (the Baltic states, Germany, France, Spain), the CIS (Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan), as well as in the U.S., Israel, Vietnam and Laos. For production of vodka "Kremlevka Elite" only exclusive alcohol "Lux" is being used, that is made from selected varieties of wheat. Immediately before pouring vodka is being filtered through a filter control, loaded marble chips, specially brought from the Urals to make vodka immaculate transparency and crystal shine. "Kremlevka Elite" is available in carafes of 0.5 and 0.7 liters. Vodka "Kremlevka Elite" is an example of the classic, true Russian vodka.
Vodka "Kremlevka Classical"
"Kremlevka Classic" - vodka with this male character, is made by the classic Russian vodka recipe, has impeccable taste and a mild vodka aroma. Vodka "Kremlevka Classic" is surprisingly easy to drink and has a fresh aftertaste.
Vodka "Russian Diamond Premium"
Modern life is multi-faceted, like a diamond. It is incredibly bright and combines joy and sorrow, meetings and partings, great achievements and victories. Vodka Russian Diamond is multifaceted as the modern life. It also clearly combines the rich taste and a wonderful softness. And all this diversity of taste lies in the unique bottle, playing all sides of the precious diamond. The unique bottle of the same shape, "Russian cut" diamonds, is made in France in one of the leading glass factories. Russian Diamond production process takes seven days. Production technology distinguishes exact compliance formulation, the highest quality natural ingredients, multistep purification and filtration of silver - in all respects Russian Brilliant match the required level of the brand. To maintain a flawless product quality each bottle is rinsed with vodka before filling. Design of the bottle and the label was developed in London by one of the most reputable and professional agencies in the world, specializing in the design of alcohol containers. Independent experts praised the excellent taste of Russian Diamond vodka. Recipe and taste of Russian Diamond vodka has been repeatedly recognized by awards and prizes.